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Military Information

The United States Armed Forces exists to protect and defend our country. It was founded at the time of the American Revolution and has grown to include the Navy, the Air Force, the US Marine Corps, and the Army. There are also reserve forces such as the National Guard and the Army reserve.

The United States Marines carries out combat assignments on ground, sea, and in air. They have been instrumental in developing our amphibious assault techniques as well as helicopter missions. Though the Marines function in many different areas, they are primarily a ground or Infantry troop trained as riflemen in ground combat.

The United States Army is primarily a ground Infantry troop. The United States Army consists of the Regular Army, the Army National Guard, and the Army Reserves. Many people like to purchase military supplies through military surplus stores. Some of these stores feature one branch, like an Army surplus, while others are a mix of all things military. The government allows all of their products that are no longer in use to be auctioned and many people purchase these items then sell them to military surplus stores. People can purchase camping equipment, hunting gear, military clothes and other items all at discount and thrift store prices.

For many people, the military life is more than a job it is a lifestyle. Whether in the service or out, many people choose to stay as military men and women for their entire lives. The military offers many benefits to its members, and many of these will last their entire lives. This is one of the perks of becoming military men and military women. Besides the monetary benefits such as military pay, financial benefits, and college funding, the benefits of a life dedicated to the military lifestyle offers character benefits such as discipline, honor, a sense of duty, and service.